Behavioral Finance

Behavioral Finance Advisor™ in Syracuse, NY and the surrounding areas to help you make good choices.

Investors are more aware than ever that they are facing an uncertain future. Research has shown that over time, investments work better than investors. This is because emotions such as fear, greed and exuberance can influence decision making.

Whether it is real estate, stocks and bonds or gold and silver, it is emotionally easy to “buy high” because of exuberance, or to “sell low” because of fear.

Behavioral finance helps us understand the reality that people often can behave irrationally and in a biased manner when it comes to their finances. Our job is to help our clients make rational decisions in the presence of competing and challenging emotions.

We want to know what is most important to you, so you can align your decisions with your goals, and your goals with your values.

How Our Behavioral Finance Advisor Will Help You Plan For What You Value the Most

My team and I prepare our clients for many possibilities; of a long life or a life that is prematurely shortened, a healthy life or one that isn’t, good times and strong markets or hard times and weak markets.

By incorporating your values into your financial goal planning, we create a strong connection that will help you stay the course.

Our goal is to help our clients think clearly, help manage their emotions and assist in making intelligent decisions. If you need money our Behavioral Financial Advisor will help you determine the smart approach to take, with tax implications in mind.

Our Services

Retirement Planning

We’ll make you feel comfortable and confident in your personal retirement plan.

Wealth Planning

Our expertise ensures that each aspect of your financial plan is properly covered.

Professional Cash Flow Analysis

The goal is to economize in order to get more money into your retirement account.

Strategies for Income Protection

We focus on making sure you have adequate insurance and what it should mean to you.

Education Savings Strategies

Let us help you budget and allocate your money correctly for your child’s education.

Social Security Advisor

Our program shows you how to get the most out of your Social Security benefits.

Behavioral Finance Advice

We will help you make intelligent decisions that align with your values.


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