Strategies for Income Protection

Strategies for income protection and growth assistance around CNY and the Syracuse, NY area.

When we take on a new client, we review each aspect of their financial condition. Our strategies for income protection and growth focus on insurance; disability insurance, life insurance, and adequate liability insurance.


Long-Term Care Coverage

We make sure that this coverage will financially protect you, because the cost of being in a nursing home is expensive, and is increasing.

Disability Insurance

Statistically, the chance of someone becoming disabled increases with age. If this happens it could not only have a devastating effect on your family economically, but also a devastating effect on your retirement. Our strategies for income protection make sure that all of our clients have adequate disability coverage.

Life Insurance

In the case of life insurance, we need to prepare for income protection. How will your family be impacted? Together we will consider your family’s financial future so they can have long-term coverage. Ideally a survivor should be able to stay in the house, be able to make good economic decisions, send children to college, and have a retirement. We examine both term and whole life insurance options.

  • Term Life Insurance – Insurance that covers you for a certain period of time or term. Term life solves short term needs, for example paying the mortgage.

  • Whole Life Insurance – This is a permanent life insurance that will cover you for your entire life.

Liability Insurance

We want you to have liability coverage, that is an umbrella policy that is over and above the limits on your homeowners and car insurance.

We Want to Make Sure That You Are Covered

Insurance needs decrease over time, but they never go away. As you build your 401(k) and your non-qualified investments, they can start to replace your life insurance. For now, with income protection we make sure that you will have an umbrella policy, the best disability insurance we can get you, and a long-term life insurance that can replace a standard of living for your family.

Our Services

Retirement Planning

We’ll make you feel comfortable and confident in your personal retirement plan.

Wealth Planning

Our expertise ensures that each aspect of your financial plan is properly covered.

Professional Cash Flow Analysis

The goal is to economize in order to get more money into your retirement account.

Strategies for Income Protection

We focus on making sure you have adequate insurance and what it should mean to you.

Education Savings Strategies

Let us help you budget and allocate your money correctly for your child’s education.

Social Security Advisor

Our program shows you how to get the most out of your Social Security benefits.

Behavioral Finance Advice

We will help you make intelligent decisions that align with your values.


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